Saint Partrick Day – Luckiest Slot Games

Saint Partrick Day – Luckiest Slot Games Greetings! It’s time to raise your glasses and don your green gear, as Saint Patrick’s Day is but a shamrock away. To celebrate, we’ve added three great new slots games that are brimming … Read More

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Saint Partrick Day – Luckiest Slot Games

Greetings! It’s time to raise your glasses and don your green gear, as Saint Patrick’s Day is but a shamrock away. To celebrate, we’ve added three great new slots games that are brimming with Irish luck and flavour. Who knows, maybe your pot of gold awaits!

St Patrick Day-Luckiest Slot Games

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Complete Guide to the Bingo Chat Room

Complete Guide to the Bingo Chat Room Do You Like To Chat While Playing Online Bingo? A bingo chat room is a pop up box, where bingo players can interact with other members. Many online players will know what this … Read More

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Chat Guide Banner

Complete Guide to the Bingo Chat Room

Do You Like To Chat While Playing Online Bingo?

A bingo chat room is a pop up box, where bingo players can interact with other members. Many online players will know what this is, however if you don’t know, then you are about to hear all about it. Players love to chat in the rooms; They can talk to the chat host who is on duty, play chat games and even put their photo in their profile.  It’s a very communal feeling in the chat room with people getting to know one another and talk about many subjects like; Work, family, bingo wins and much more. In the following article, I will explain every single aspect of the chat room, so sit back and enjoy. Do you like what you have read so far? If yes, then read on for more juicy facts.

What Is A Chat Room Box?

The chat box is a section in the bingo room that is designated for the players, so they can chat. There are many things that users can do in this box, from chatting to sending gifts.

Chat Guide room box

‘Top Of The Chat Box Screen’

At the top of the chat box screen, players can view the name of the room that they are playing in. (See Diagram >>) On the right hand corner, next to ‘How many players chatting’ There is a Down Arrow, and when you click on it, members can navigate to the Lobby area of the site, or click on the HELP button to get assistance.

Disconnect & Help

There are another two buttons next to the name of the room. (See diagram above) These are two circles, and one has a negative sign symbol. This option allows users to disconnect from the chat room. The other button has a question mark. If you click on it, a pop up box will open up and in this section, you can read all the chat rooms rules etc.

Chat Colour, Font Colour And Clear

At the top of the chat box there are three tabs, (See diagram above) and these are as follows:

- Tab 1. Chat Colour

This looks like a black box, and if you click on it, this option will allow you to change your font colour. This means that when you type into the chat box, the writing will change to your chosen colour.

- Tab 2. Font Size

This option has two A’s, a small one and a larger one. This is known as the chat zoom button, where players can zoom the size of their chat font. The results are shown instantly.

- Tab 3.  Clear

The third tab will allow users to clear current chat conversions that are in the chat box. This is a good option because the room can be full of chatter, and clearing it makes it look much better.

Players In The Chat Room

You can also view how many people are chatting. This is displayed at the top of the chat box area. Further along, next to the amount of people chatting is a tab with the shadow of two people. This option allows you to view all the chat names that are in the room. You can also chat with the host privately, by clicking on their name in the list.

Chat Padlock

On the right hand side of the screen there is a padlock, which if you clicked will lock the chat box, allowing you to scroll back to previous conversations. This is a useful tool, especially if you missed important information, or if
you wanted to check back for the chat game rules.

The Typing Box

There is a long white box at the bottom of the screen; this is where you can type messages to fellow players or the chat host in the room. You can post gifts, smileys or anything that you want to as long as you make sure to keep chat language clean at all times as it has to be user friendly. Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that you can’t have fun and have great chats and make new friends.

Smiley Icons

There are ten symbols that you can choose from. These range from smiley faces through to sad faces, crowns and even cool dudes wearing sun glasses. I absolutely love this feature, because players can have some good fun by sending them to each other.

Bingo Lingo

Just below the ‘Smiley’ icons, there are a range of messages that users can send into the chat box. These are as follows:

  • GL = Good Luck
  • Wtg = Way to go
  • Brb = Be Right Back
  • Ty = Thank You
  • Lol = Laugh Out Loud
  • 3tg = Waiting on 3 numbers to win the bingo prize.
  • 2tg = Waiting on 2 numbers to win the bingo prize.
  • 1tg = Waiting on 1 number to win the bingo prize.

There are tons of other types of bingo lingo, but the above ones are the main ones that players like to use regularly.

Give Gifts

You can find a nice, big, pretty gift box on the far right corner of the chat box screen. If you click on it, you can send and receive gifts from fellow bingo mates. The host can send them too, and some of them are really cute.
You can find the following gift sections in this area.

  • Free Gifts are the ‘Royal Babies’

The Ones You will have to pay for are as follows:

  • Share the love
  • Tea and Cocktail
  • Lucky Charms
  • Food for thought
  • Dessert Delights
  • Accessorize it
  • Cute and cuddly
  • Sunny Holiday

Even though you have to pay for most of the adorable gifts, it is only small amounts.  Players pay for them by using their loyalty points. Once you have selected the gift you want to send, highlight the players name, click on it and then SEND! Your mates will love you for it, and they may even send you a gift back.

The Chat Host And The Roomies

A chat host is someone who is in charge of the bingo room. They will meet and greet all the players, also known as roomies, as they enter and leave the room. The host will also play chat games, and ensure the room is running in a fun but professional manner too. They may post promotions and help members with any questions that they may have. In some cases the chat host, may have to refer the players to the correct departments, depending on which issue they may have.

What Is A Chat Game

A chat game is something the chat host would play with the bingo players. The games can vary from lucky number through to a general quiz. Users like to play them because if they win, they get rewarded with bonuses or Lps. BBS = Bonus Bucks and LPS = Loyalty Points. These bonuses basically mean the same thing, because for every 1,000 loyalty points, a player can redeem them for a £1 bonus. If you win 1BB, then this means you will have won £1 bonus.

Chat Guide How does it work

How Does A Chat Game Work

If you want to play a chat game, you will need to keep the chat box open, and make sure to keep your eyes on the host to see which game they will be playing. You don’t want to miss it, so watch the host like a hawk. Lol – The game works as follows:

  • The host will display the details and rules regarding the chat game.
  • You may have to choose a number or similar, depending on the type of game you’re playing.
  • When your number has been announced by the caller, then you will be required to type into the chat box, for example:  ‘Lucky Number 5’.  If you were the FIRST correct person to claim then you will win the prize.

How To Get Involved

If you’re the quiet type, and don’t know what to say in the bingo chat rooms, then don’t worry because I am going to explain to you  how you can get involved. Start by using the bingo lingo icons, found at the bottom of the chat box. When players are waiting on 1tg or 2tg etc. Wish them luck and use the smiley icons too. Send them a free gift, play chat games, and interact with the roomies, slowly join in with them. You will find that you become one of the regular chatter boxes in no time.

Chat Guide Check List

Five Top Ways To Get Involved

1. Use the bingo lingo
2. Send some smileys to the players
3. Wish them luck
4. Give them a gift
5. Play Chat Games

Understand The Chat Room T&C’s

It’s always best to read the terms and conditions on any online bingo site. There are a lot of rules and legal stuff that I strongly advise that you read so that you are clued up on all that is going on. The main rules that you will want to know about are as follows:

1. The minimum deposit required
2. The minimum withdrawal amount
3. The wagering rules
4, The withdrawal rules
5. Check to see if the site has a licence.

Once you have found out all the answers to the above questions, and if you feel comfortable with them, then you’re sure to enjoy your bingo experience.

Chat Room Top Five Checklist

1. Remember to wish your fellow members GL (Good Luck)
2. Always use the WTG icon, when players win (Way To Go)
3. Play Chat Games
4. Give gifts to your mates and the host
5. Watch what the host puts into chat, because you might just grab some special offers.


Whatever your experience has been in a bingo chat room, the most important thing to remember is that you have fun, and have the best gaming experience possible. If you have never used a chat room before, then use the tips in this article, and you will be a chatter box in no time.

I have to go Ladies; someone is calling me in the chat room :)

Good luck and see you in the bingo rooms!
Hugs & Kisses – Mrs. Bingo

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Responsible Gaming

RESPONSIBLE GAMING THE DO’S AND DON’TS Gambling is more popular than one might think. About 73% of adults in the UK gamble at least once per year. That’s not to say it is a bad thing. For most of individuals, … Read More

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Responsible Gaming



Gambling is more popular than one might think. About 73% of adults in the UK gamble at least once per year. That’s not to say it is a bad thing. For most of individuals, gambling and gaming are simply fun and sociable activities which actually enhance their experience. Some people go to Vegas for an action packed holiday, whilst others get together with friends for a laid back game of poker. In the last few years the internet has brought casino games to our doorsteps. People play online games to pass the time as well as take advantage of fun cash incentives. For the most part, people play responsibly and gaming does not have any kind of negative impact on their lives. However, for a small percentage of the population, gambling can have an adverse effect with serious repercussions. If left ignored and untreated, those suffering from gaming and gambling addictions can be faced with serious social, financial and health consequences.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling is an activity in which somebody bets money (or something of value) on the outcome of an event in which the probability of winning is not certain. Gambling turns into a problem when an individual’s behavior and betting habits start to disrupt personal, family and vocational opportunities. Those who ignore these adverse effects and continue to gamble, lose control over their gambling and crave even more opportunities to gamble are likely suffering from gambling addiction. Statistically, gambling addiction affects around 1-3% of the population, particularly adolescents, university students, casino employees and some minority groups. Furthermore, it is not just your typical casino game that might become problematic for a pathological gambler.

Responsible Gaming Do’s

Responsible Do's

In order to help you stay safe we have put together a comprehensive list of responsible gaming do’s and don’ts:

Do know the risks

Whether you or somebody close to you chooses to gamble, it is important to understand that gambling comes with serious risks. Fact of the matter is, the majority of people lose when they enter the lottery, play a casino game or place a speculative bet. So long as you keep this in mind and don’t let your life or circumstances depend on your game, you should be safe.

Do have fun

Ultimately, gambling and gaming are leisure activities and should be treated as such. Treat your game time as a time to unwind and release those daily stresses. By focusing on the enjoyment of the game itself rather than the outcome, you will have a fun experience, no matter what!

Do set realistic goals

Many people who develop a gambling problem think it is only a matter of time until they hit the jackpot. When push comes to shove, gaming establishments and casinos are set up to rake in more money than they pay out. That is not to say you cannot win, but over time, you will likely lose more than you earn. The same goes for the lottery and other such games. With odds that are sometimes a million to one, only a tiny amount of people win compared to the huge majority that will lose. Therefore, it is best to enter a game understanding that your chances of winning are small, and if you get lucky, well that’s an added plus!

Do budget yourself

Before playing any game of chance, you should always decide how much money you are able and willing to lose. This amount is called a ‘loss limit’ and it should be treated as the cost of entertainment, in the same way that you would budget yourself for a trip to the theatre or a weekend break. Once you have lost your loss limit amount, call it a day. If you are lucky enough to win, remember that it most likely won’t happen all the time.

Do know when to stop

Responsible gaming basically means staying in control of the amount of time and money we spend on our games. As mentioned above, you should always stop when you reach your loss limit for the day. Feelings are also a great gauge for knowing when to put your game down. If at any point you start to feel tired, anxious, remorseful, irritated or any other type of negative emotion this is a surefire sign that it is time to stop or take a break. Likewise, if duty calls, such as work or family, always put these before your game. Ironically, if you ever feel like you can’t stop playing, this is a definite warning sign that you need to stop immediately!

Do have other interests and pastimes

Gaming is a fun leisure activity but in order to keep a healthy balance, you should also have some other interests that do not involve gambling or games of chance. If you enjoy other activities, such as sports, socializing or the arts, then gaming won’t be the be all an end all, plus your friends and family will be happy to see more of you!

Do stick within the law

This might seem obvious, but don not gamble in jurisdictions where it is gaming is illegal. Reputable and licensed online casinos and gaming websites stick within the laws of the countries in which they operate, plus they block their platforms to countries where gaming is not allowed. In other words, you might be able to visit the site but you will not be able to play. Note that gambling laws apply to both online and land based games!

Do protect yourself

Responsible gaming also means protecting yourself from fraudulent websites and gambling rings, or other such scams. To stay safe, only play with reputable sites that are licensed by a recognized gaming regulator such as the Great Britain Gambling Commission. Your money will also be safer with reputable sites. Gaming operators that are not recognized may withhold your money or even steal your credit card information. It is also important to protect yourself from fellow players. Whilst player interaction and online chat is encouraged, never give out your personal information to strangers that you meet in chat rooms!

Responsible Gaming Dont’s

Responsible Dont's

Don’t isolate yourself

In today’s world of online and mobile gaming, it is easy to spend hours alone with your favourite game. If you are planning to gamble online, try to include games that are more sociable such as bingo or poker where the emphasis is more on interaction and fun. In a bingo chat room, for example, you have the opportunity to talk and laugh with other players. When you are having fun you won’t take the game so seriously and other members can provide support. Of course, always remember to stay safe and never give out your personal information to strangers.

Don’t mix gaming with alcohol

Gambling and drinking often go hand in hand. However, this often leads to people making poor decisions that they later regret. If you keep a clear head whilst gaming or gambling, not only will you play better, but you will also be in control of your actions. Furthermore, it worth noting that people with gambling addictions have many similar experiences as those with alcohol and drug addictions. Therefore if you have addiction issues in any other areas, it would be best to stay well away from gaming and gambling.

Don’t bet with money you can’t afford to lose

This is one of the most important rules of responsible gaming! Never play with money that you need for important things such as rent, bills, schooling, etc. Gaming is meant to be fun, just like going to the movies or going out with friends. Therefore it should be treated as such by not spending more time or money than you can afford to lose and by putting all other responsibilities first and foremost.

Don’t play when you are feeling low or upset

When we are feeling depressed, angry or upset, our judgment is impaired (just as with alcohol or drugs). Regular gamers should be aware of their mental and emotional state when playing. What may start out as a fun and innocent past time, could turn into a form of emotional or mental escapism with players attempting to run away from bad relationships or work pressures. In more severe cases, gamblers may attempt to escape from anxiety, sadness and other troubling thoughts or symptoms of mental illness, whereby gambling will only exacerbate the problem, thus turning it into a precarious catch 22 situation!

Don’t try to cover your losses

Covering your losses is when you continue to gamble in order to win back money that you have lost. This is also referred to as ‘the chase’. The chase is when there is a false belief you are bound to win at some point, so you keep on spending money that you keep on losing. You might say to yourself that you will stop playing when you win big or when you have recovered your losses. This is a dangerous and vicious cycle that can plunge you into debt, anxiety or worse. In order to protect yourself from the chase, never exceed your gaming budget and stop playing the moment you feel the urge to cover your losses!

Don’t gamble if you are under age

Young people who are not of legal age to gamble are at higher risk from gambling and developing problematic behaviors. In a national study, it was estimated that almost 70 percent of Americans from the ages 14 to 19 years gambled in the last year! They bet money on poker, sports, the lottery as well as various other games. Furthermore, around 75 percent of US college students gambled in the last year, where estimates of gambling disorders among young people ranged between 2 to 7 percent, and something like 6 percent of college students have a serious gambling problem. The numbers are no less staggering in the UK. Therefore, it is imperative that parents and teachers always keep a close eye on their children’s activities.

Don’t ignore warning signs

When somebody has a gambling problem, there are usually several warning signs. Look out for behaviours that disrupt family or work situations. Other warning signs include mood changes and bet increases as players need to wager increasingly large amounts in order to achieve the desired mood or level of excitement. Furthermore, those with a gambling disorder often experience a range of negative consequences such as debt, depression, shame and guilt, as well as professional and relationship problems. If you suspect that you or your loved one has a gambling problem, here are some key questions to address:

  • Are you preoccupied with gaming and gambling?
  • Do you feel the need to gamble with increasing amounts of money in order to feel excited or fulfilled?
  • Do you use gambling as a way of escaping from problems or negative feelings?
  • Do you try to recover your losses when you lose a game?
  • Do you become anxious or irritable when trying cut down or quit gambling?
  • Do you ever try have to keep your loved ones from knowing how much you spend on gaming?
  • Do you ever get into financial trouble as a result of your gaming activities, resulting in debt and the need to borrow?
  • Have you ever committed illegal acts such theft or embezzlement in order to finance your gaming activity?


It is vital that anyone who plays casino games or gambles, whether online or offline, understands the underpinnings of the entertainment they are consuming. Due to the nature of the games and the pretty ‘packaging’ they come in, it is not always so clear. Players must make informed decisions based on the facts behind the product, knowing and accepting the odds, and remaining realistic. This means that consumers and companies licensed to provide gambling and gaming platforms in the UK have a shared responsibility. Here at 888Ladies, we take these matters very seriously and we desire and hope that our members will play responsibly and only within their personal and financial capabilities. Therefore, we will round off with this final ‘Do’:

Do seek help if you think you have a problem

Previously, addiction and gambling issues were judged as a sign of weakness or lack of willpower. However, these days with thanks to science and therapeutic research, we appreciate that addictions are complex disorders that are deserving of compassion, love and understanding. If you think that you or someone close to you has a gambling problem, don’t hesitate to reach out for help or information. There is an abundance of support available. For your convenience, we have put together a list of a few key support groups and organizations:

Responsible Gaming

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Superstitions to Level Up Your Luck

Superstitions to Level Up Your Luck One thing that gamers, athletes, sports fans and almost everyone in-between all share is the thought that there are certain things which bring them luck. Some people have lucky mantas, others have rituals – … Read More

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Superstitions to Level Up Your Luck

One thing that gamers, athletes, sports fans and almost everyone in-between all share is the thought that there are certain things which bring them luck. Some people have lucky mantas, others have rituals – some even have physical objects they pick up, carry or draw.

Superstitions to Level Up Your Luck

The thing is, your luckiest charm may or may not work for your friends. Lady Luck is fickle indeed. When it comes to slamming it at the slots, there are many things that people think bring them good luck. We’ve had a look at some of the most common, and some of the luckiest, and tried to figure out how exactly you can level up your luck here at 888 Ladies. We’ve come up with 10 lucky charms to level up your luck when playing the slots online – give them a shot, give the reels a spin, and let’s see just how lucky you can be.

Superstitions Wooden Jewellery

Wood has always been one of those lucky things. We’ve all muttered “touch wood” or knocked on wood as a sign of luck at some point or another. Nobody knows where the exact origins come from – some say paganism, others say Christianity. Either way, wearing a wooden bracelet as a lucky charm as you spin the slots on your phone may bring you lucky boost you’re looking for!

Superstitions Lucky Penny

“See a penny, pick it up – all day long you’ll have good luck!” Some of you may remember this lucky little line from your childhood, but did you know that this does a step further? Facedown coins are believed to bring bad luck whereas coins with holes in them (like a Japanese 5 yen coin) are doubly lucky. Want the luckiest penny of all time? Get yourself a two-headed coin. “Heads I win, tails you lose…”

Superstitions Neko

Maneki Neko, the Beckoning Cat, is a common lucky charm that is seen all over Japan. They can be found on windowsills, in shop entrances, as keyrings and even as phone charms. Do your friends play slots on their phone? Spread the luckiness around with a Maneki Neko GIF! Pro tip: golden nekos are believed to bring you good fortune!

Superstitions Chan

Jin Chan, Chan Chu or the Money Toad – this lucky little frog has many names. You may have seen these in Chinese culture – put your Jin Chan in the lucky corner of the room with a Chinese coin in its mouth (bonus points if you get one with a hole in it) for good luck!

It’s not just china who think the toad is lucky. Native Americans, the Ancient Romans, the Ancient Egyptians and the Indigenous Australians all believe the frog to bring good luck and prosperity. Want to cash in on the luckiness? Why not use the Money Toad as a lucky phone charm and see if you can’t bring the luck to your game?

Superstitions FigureHeart

Historically there have been many uses for a ship’s figurehead. Not only did they identify a ship, much like a nautical licence plate, they also intimidated enemies and were viewed as a lucky charm for the sailors on board. This was as true in the time of the Pharaohs as it is today. Do you have a love of the waves? A figurehead for your phone could be just the lucky charm you need to drive your luck that little bit further! Plug it into your headphone jack and it will look just like a real figurehead, too!

Superstitions Lucky Clothers

Do you have better results when you stick to a certain outfit? Michael Jordan certainly believed he did – he wore his lucky college basketball shorts underneath his team strip during every NBA game he ever played. Do you have a lucky suit you wear for interviews? Wear that the next time you load up the slots on your phone and see if you can’t feel the luckiness pouring in.

Superstitions Lucky Number

Lucky number 7! There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow and for many, many people around the world, seven is their favourite number. In parts of Asia 8 is considered lucky, whereas 4 is the exact opposite. Do you have a lucky number? Why not get yourself a phone case with the number subtly incorporated? Seven rhinestones, seven colours or seven pictures of your lucky animal? We like the idea of a case with seven lucky ducks…

Superstitions Lucky Horse Shoe

An oldie but a goodie – the horseshoe has been a lucky charm for a long, long time. This is because they’re made of iron, which was believed to ward off evil spirits, and fixed in place with seven nails. We all know that 7 is a lucky number, so with a lucky horseshoe you have twice the luckiness in one charm! Because of its weight though, a lucky wallpaper might be better option than trying to carry one in your pocket…

Superstitions Lucky Food

Some people have lucky food they eat before games, competitions and anything else that luck could sway. The baseball player Wade Anthony Boggs famously ate chicken before each and every single game he played for good luck. His superstition even ran so deep that he drew the Hebrew word “Chai” (meaning “life”) in the batter’s box before each at-bat – even though he isn’t Jewish… If it works for his game, why not try it before your next one?

Superstitions Lucky Duck

It’s not just cats and frogs which are lucky – “lucky duck” is one of those phrases which has entered our lexicon thanks to our cockney friends over in London. Here at 888 Ladies we find that the duck is one of the luckiest animal of all time – and that’s not just because if someone says “duck” it’s generally pretty lucky if you do… Want to bring the luckiness to your game? Download ????? today and get cracking on the slots!

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1TG & 2TG Players Win Money Too!

1TG & 2TG Players Win Money Too! You may be wondering how is it possible, for someone to win at bingo after the game has been won? Some players were waiting on 1tg and 2tg to win the game, but … Read More

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1TG & 2TG Winners

1TG & 2TG Players Win Money Too!

You may be wondering how is it possible, for someone to win at bingo after the game has been won? Some players were waiting on 1tg and 2tg to win the game, but someone else won it. So, how can 1tg and 2tg players be winners? It does sound very confusing, but it’s a well known fact that sometimes, you can still be a winner, even if you lose at bingo. You may be asking yourself at this stage, ‘How can that be’? So, let’s explain all the details now.

Some online bingo sites will set aside EXTRA money, so that players who are waiting on 1tg or 2tg to win the full house game, will still win some sort of prize money. The money could be small or even large amounts, and these are shared between all 1tg and 2tg players. The extra funds are normally paid to players, who have been waiting on 1tg or 2tg for the full house game only.

Definition Of 1TG And 2TG Winners

1tg bingo players, mean all players who have only 1 number left on their card, at the time when the bingo game has been called. 2tg players mean all players who only have 2 numbers left to cross off on their cards, when the bingo game has been won.

1TG & 2TG Winning Chances

How Does 1TG and 2TG Work

Imagine the full house game has just been won, and you were only waiting on 2tg to win the game. The disappointment can make you lose heart, and might make you want to stop playing. But if you’re playing at an online bingo site, that offers money to 1tg and 2tg players, then you will win a share of the prize pool. Please view an example below:

The Facts

  • The full house game has been won.
  • 48 players were waiting on 1tg to win the game.
  • 72 players were left waiting on 2tg to win.
  • The prize pool is £250 and will be SHARED between all 1tg and 2tg winners.

1TG & 2TG Facts

How To Find A Site That Offers 1TG And 2TG Money

  1. The best way to do your research is to head straight to Google, type in ‘Online Bingo Sites That Offer 1tg and 2tg” you should then get a full list of sites, that will offer this option.

  2. The next thing to do is check them all out, one by one. You won’t need to spend any money, while doing your research, because you will just be checking the online bingo sites, to see if they have 1tg and 2tg on offer. You might want to check the prize pool amounts, that are on offer for 1tg and 2tg winners too.

  3. Check at least 10 bingo sites on your check list, then select the one that offers the most money to 1tg and 2tg players. Please keep in mind, that even though they may offer the most money, you will have to check out the site rules, and make sure the wagering rules aren’t too high. You don’t want to be wasting your time spending money on a site, that might never allow you withdraw cash to your bank account, because the wagering rules were too high.

  4. Check out the wagering rules first, and if the rules are only X2 on deposit and bonus, and they offer 1tg and 2tg rewards, then this will probably be the bingo home for you!

1TG & 2TG Right Sites

With the overcrowded online bingo market, as it is today, it’s never easy to choose a site that meets your budget, and one that gives players extra money even if they lose. So, in order to make sure you find the right site, that offers 1tg and 2tg players this extra money, follow my list of tips below:

  • Do Your Research: Go to Google find the top ten online bingo sites, that offer 1tg and 2tg players, that all important bingo money, even if they lose the game.

  • Check Out The Wagering Rules: While searching through the sites, check out their wagering rules, and make sure they are no more than X2 your deposit plus your bonus. If they are X2 and you win at bingo, then it is more than likely that you will be able to cash out.

  • Sum It All Up: One bingo site might offer a large amount of money, to their players who are waiting on 1tg and 2tg, to win the full house bingo game. But their wagering rules are high, so, you wouldn’t want to deposit on a site like this. This is because it would be near impossible to withdraw your winnings to your bank.

  • Best Bingo Option: Once you have found the site that offers 1tg and 2tg players money, and the wagering is only X2 your deposit plus your bonus, then you should have an easy and straight forward withdrawal (If you win). This will more than likely be the site for you, and hopefully you will be a winner!

How To Better Your Chances At Winning

To be able to have a greater chance of winning while waiting on 1tg and 2tg at bingo, it’s always best to buy as many cards as possible. It’s a well known fact, that the more you buy, then the bigger your chance will be of winning. You don’t need to buy maximum cards to win, but if you buy at least 12-24 cards for each game, then you are sure to be in with a good chance of winning a share of that 1tg and 2tg prize pool.

So, if you have joined an online bingo site, that offers extra money to 1tg or 2tg players, you should never feel disappointed again, because if you’re waiting on 1tg or 2tg, then your guaranteed a win. Even though you didn’t win the potential full house prize, at least you will win a smaller amount. Now, this might not be as satisfying as winning the larger bingo prize, but it’s better than nothing! It only takes one card to win the bingo game, and even the smallest amount of bingo cash, could potentially make you a BIG cash winner!

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Ultimate Guide to Payment Methods

Ultimate Guide to Payment Methods Protecting your money when participating in online gambling is first and foremost the #1 priority that should be on your mind. Many, if not most, online gaming providers are in business legitimately and have your … Read More

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Guide to Payment Methods

Ultimate Guide to Payment Methods

Protecting your money when participating in online gambling is first and foremost the #1 priority that should be on your mind. Many, if not most, online gaming providers are in business legitimately and have your best interests in mind, however there will always be that percentage that is looking to take advantage of the increased popularity of internet gambling and attempt to walk away with your funds.

To maximize security, you need to be aware of the most current practices used by the top payment providers in the industry, which names are the most reputable, and how you can personally take action to ensure your deposits and withdrawals are going to where you intend them to. It can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve put together our “Ultimate Guide to Payment Methods”, an instructional tool you can use and reference as often as needed to give yourself the information that will aid you in picking the right payment portal.

Picking a Gaming Site Based on Payment Options

Picking a Gaming Site

A great rule of thumb to start off with is to only gamble at well-known online gaming sites who have been in business for years and offer a wide-range of payment methods. This shows that they’ve spent the considerable amount of time it takes to develop a working relationship with many top financial institutions and place value on the ideology of giving their customers the widest range of selections as possible.

It might be tempting to play on a brand new internet gambling site that just started up because the competition will be far less of a challenge, but shady operators count on you thinking this way and it can be used as a bait tactic to lure unsuspecting gamblers.

Research the Payment Processor

Research the Payment Processor

This is your money we’re talking about here, so doing a little research shouldn’t be outside your comfort zone. Once you’ve picked a site to play on, look at their list of payment methods (we’ll provide a full breakdown of different payment types later on) and try to find one that appeals most to you. What you’re looking for here is an option that supports a merchant that you hopefully already have a relationship with. This would include accepting deposits from major credit cards like Visa/Mastercard, or from popular existing digital wallets like PayPal.

If you’re an inexperienced online gambler, chances are you’re going to come across a lot of names that you don’t recognize when it comes to payment merchants. This can be an intimidating mental wall to hit as it could cause you to fear for the safety of your money. If the only options available to you are ones you’re unfamiliar with, now would be a good time to go online and do the independent research.

What you want to look for during your research would be to find how long the payment processor in question has been in business, do they have a good standing online with users, and are there any articles or forum posts you can find from those who have pointed out weaknesses with said processor, such as delayed availability of funds, inability to access accounts, etc.

Safety and Regulations

Internet gaming sites employ some of if not the best anti-fraud technology in the world, but that’s used primarily to prevent cheating and to keep the existing funds in your account safe. The security of the deposit and withdrawal of funds is left up to the payment processor, so don’t skip out on doing the necessary research. The best payment processors are held accountable by a number of different regulatory organizations, meaning you can process transactions with them with peace of mind. Visit a few gaming sites and see if the same processor names keep coming up as available options. These will be the ones that have the highest safety standards.

Types of Deposit Methods

Types of Deposit Methods

More often than not, you’ll find that all online gaming providers will offer a combination of payment processors that fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card.
  2. e-Wallet.
  3. Transfer Services.

All three categories have been used successfully since the inception of internet gaming, so really what you’re looking for is the option that best suits you and your situation. Lets look at the pros and cons of each as well as the top companies for every category.

1. Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card

Making an immediate deposit with a credit card is universally the most popular method used by internet gamblers around the world because it allows you to quickly deposit funds (based on the limit you have with your provided financial institution). It normally requires the least amount of personal information to be provided at time of deposit, but the trade off is that there normally isn’t a way to withdraw the money from your online gaming account back to your credit/debit/prepaid card later on. This means you’ll have to select a different withdrawal option, preventing this payment method from being a true all-in-one solution.

Pros:- Simple, fast way to get money in your account quickly.

Cons:- Limited withdrawal options, incomplete total solution.

Information Required at Time of Deposit:- Billing address, card number, expiration date, and Card Verification Value (CVV) code.

Top Companies in this Category:

Credit Cards

  • Visa: Considered the most accepted credit card in the world for online gambling.
  • Mastercard: Accepted at many sites and is equally as safe a method as Visa.

Debit Cards

  • Switch
  • Maestro
  • Visa Debit
  • Laser

Prepaid Cards

  • UKash: Popular in the UK and across Europe. Players pre-buy funds that go on their UKash account, with account details then entered in to the online gambling site during payment request.
  • PaySafe: Similar to UKash and offers users ability to add funds to account via live vendors.

2. e-Wallets

e-Wallets gained huge popularity in the gaming world through their ability to serve as a true all-in-one outlet for users to make both deposits and withdrawals. The emergence of e-Wallet providers simplified many of the downfalls found in other payment processors, and became the preferred method of choice for gaming operators themselves due to the ease of use provided by these trusted companies. In fact, some gaming sites will even offer specials in the form of deposit bonuses for customers that use e-Wallets.

Pros :- Typically the safest and most secure way to both deposit and withdraw money. Allows users to quickly move money from different gambling sites that use the same e-Wallet as a payment processor. Offers special bonuses to encourage customers to use this method.

Cons :- Fees are typically charged by the e-Wallet provider to the customer for use of the service. Establishing brand new e-Wallet accounts and linking them to your gaming account may take a few days.

Information Required at Time of Deposit :- Billing address, email address, credit card information, and potentially more details required to verify identify.

Top Companies in this Category:

  • PayPal :- The global leader in e-Wallets. However, PayPal is very picky about what gaming sites and countries it does business with for internet gambling. US players for example are unable to use PayPal as a funding option for their account.

  • NETeller :- A very popular e-Wallet that was created specifically to be used for gambling. Reputation for having high deposit fees, but does offer an in-house debit card that can be used to access funds quickly.

  • Skrill :- Originally known as MoneyBookers, Skrill has emerged as an industry leader in e-Wallets for the gambling community and is accepted in over 200 countries.

3. Transfer Services

Very popular in the US (due to lack of support from other methods allowed in the UK and other parts of the world), transfer services like money orders and bank transfers are a very secure way to deposit and withdraw funds. The downside is that elevated fees are normally involved and the funds cannot be easily used for other gaming sites you may be a part of the same way you can using popular e-Wallets. Doing transfers can also be daunting for users that don’t want to have to deal with routing numbers or other formalities that are necessary when dealing with wiring money.

Pros :- Quick and easy once established, can be done in-person if need be.

Cons :- Complicated setup, lack of supporting features, high fees.

Information Required at Time of Deposit :- Billing address, email address, credit card information, and potentially more details required to verify identify.

Top Companies in this Category:

  • Western Union: Top wire transfer service in the US.
  • Moneygram.
  • eChecks.

Best Payment Methods Based on Region


UK Gaming:

Gambling in the UK is made simple due to very few restrictions that allow for most payment methods to be used freely.

  • Deposits:- e-Wallet or credit card.
  • Withdrawals:- e-Wallet.

US Gaming:

After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed, online gaming in the US was severely crippled and most payment processors withdrew their support. Currently, there are no e-Wallet providers available for use by US customers.

  • Deposits:- Credit card/prepaid card or money order.
  • Withdrawal:- Check sent via courier or wire transfer.

Canada Gaming:

Many US players headed north to Canada after the gambling act was put in to effect due to the countries abundant payment options for internet gaming.

  • Deposits:- e-Wallet or credit card.
  • Withdrawal:- e-Wallet.

Australia Gaming:

Essentially every option we’ve listed above is available to Australian gamblers, plus a unique service called POLi, which allows user to instantly access their bank account for deposits and withdrawals with no wait period.

  • Deposits:- POLi or e-Wallet.
  • Withdrawals:- POLi or e-Wallet.

South Africa Gaming:

e-Wallets are accepted at some sites, but direct deposits via credit card and withdrawals using wire transfer are more widely used.

  • Deposits:- Credit card.
  • Withdrawal:- Wire transfer.

India Gaming:

In recent years some financial institutions in India have voiced their distaste for customers of theirs being involved in gambling transactions. As a result, e-Wallet Skrill has become the hands-down leader in this region.

  • Deposits:- e-Wallet (Skrill).
  • Withdrawals:- e-Wallet (Skrill).

Common Deposit Problems (and Fixes)

Common Deposit Problems

No matter what payment method you use, you’re inevitably going to experience a delay or error in the process along the way, which can easily cause panic in customers who are worried about the state of their money. Here are some common issues that you’ll likely experience during the deposit stage and how to deal with them:

  • Payment Method Declined :- If you receive this message, the first thing you should check is to make sure the financial account you’re trying to access (credit card, debit card, bank account, etc) has the necessary funds available. If there are enough funds, check to see if the personal information you listed (billing address, etc) is correct, as that is a common and simple error. Lastly, attempt to make a smaller deposit, as some banks will have limits on how much money they’ll allow to be sent to a gambling site.

  • Payment Limit Exceeded :- This happens when the amount you’re trying to deposit is greater than the limit imposed by the gaming site. Some gambling providers don’t want to be exposed to the risk of having sums in the high four or five digits done in a single transaction. If you encounter this problem, check the site’s “deposit and withdrawal” page for information on transaction limits. If you don’t like what you see, you may be happier simply playing elsewhere.

  • Deposit Not Immediately Available :- There’s nothing worse than the excitement building up to making your deposit so that you can start playing immediately, only to find the money doesn’t clear in to your account right away. This will be a result of your selected payment processor. e-Wallets almost always deposit funds instantaneously, while credit card transactions may be stalled until the financial institution that issued you the card approves the transfer. The same can be said for wire transfers, which can take a few days before all the details are finalized and cleared. Just be aware of what to expect with your available payment providers, this way it won’t come as a surprise to you.

Common Withdrawal Problems (and Fixes)

Common Withdrawal Problems

You always want to pick the withdrawal method that will get you your money in the fastest and more secure way possible. But take note that most sites make it easier for your to deposit money than to withdraw money by adding extra required information that will be mandatory to complete before you can get your funds out. Here are a few common issues you may run into:

  • Withdrawal Denied :- To make a deposit normally all you have to do is sign-up for an account on your gaming site, pick a processor, add some generic information, and you’re good. For withdrawals the requirements increase and as a result you may face an error saying that your withdrawal was denied for lack of documentation. Additional paperwork you may have to provide includes proof of identity (driver’s license or photo ID), proof of address, and a signed withdrawal form.

  • Cashout Limit :- To remain solvent and prevent lack of cash flow, it’s not uncommon for gaming operators to limit how much you can withdraw in a week. Research these limits on their website and see how higher withdrawal amounts are handled (such as recurring weekly payments).

  • Slow to Receive Funds :- If everything has been properly submitted and is on the level, you could still be looking at a couple of days or more to receive your money, especially during the first withdrawal on a new account. This is why e-Wallets have gained so much favor with online gamblers, as funds can be pulled near instantly.

Making Your First Deposit

Making Your First Deposit

You should now be ready to comfortably make your first deposit. Here is a step-by-step on how these types of transactions are handled on the majority of sites.

  1. Log-in to your online gaming account (or create one if you haven’t already).
  2. Locate the “Make Deposit” button on the homepage.
  3. Select the payment processor of your choice based on the information we’ve provided in this guide.
  4. Enter in all relevant information the processor asks for, including billing address and contact information.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to deposit, keeping in mind limits and restrictions that particular site may have.
  6. Double check to ensure that all of the information you entered in is correct, including the deposit amount.
  7. Click the “Confirm” button and wait for the process to complete.
  8. Once you receive your transaction confirmation, all you have to do now is wait for the funds to become available. If you used an e-Wallet, the funds should be available right away.

Last Second Tips for First Time Deposits and Withdrawals

First Time Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Deposit a small amount to test the turnaround time of the availability of the funds and how smooth the transaction was
  • Attempt a small withdrawal and, same as above, watch to see how long it takes for the funds to reach your account
  • If the results for either are unsatisfactory, repeat with other provided payment processors until you find the one that gives you the best results.

And that’s it! Hopefully this guide has answered the majority of your payment method questions. There’s always more you can learn, and you can never be too safe with your money. Constantly check the deposit/withdrawal pages of your favorite gaming sites, as restrictions and guidelines can be changed regularly. Now get out there and have fun!

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Complete Guide To Bingo Lingo

There Is More To Bingo Than Winning! People, who play on online bingo sites, might go there because they want to win, meet new friends, or it could just be all about the bingo lingo. There is more to bingo … Read More

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Bingo Lingo

There Is More To Bingo Than Winning!

People, who play on online bingo sites, might go there because they want to win, meet new friends, or it could just be all about the bingo lingo. There is more to bingo than just playing the games, especially if you’re playing online. Although we all know people play to win, there are some who just love to chat, and knowing the bingo lingo is essential if you are one of these types of players. We are going to go through the bingo lingo in great detail and explain the meanings. If you’re new to online bingo lingo, by the end of this article you will be an expert when in the chat rooms chatting to your bingo buddies.

A – Z Of Bingo Lingo – The Bingo Dictionary

We are going to go through the list of bingo lingo from start to finish, so that you understand all the meanings, and when they might come in handy! Use them in the chat room with your fellow bingo friends, and they will be impressed.

The Bingo Dictionary

The Top Ten Bingo Lingo Words Used Daily

There are a zillion bingo lingo phrases around, but the ones above are the most common. Maybe you’re wondering which phrases will get used the most, in the bingo chat rooms? Well, we are going to explain the 10 most popular phrases that everyone uses, now. We will start with the lingo used when players are getting close to winning the bingo game, so eyes down and look on.

  • 1tg – This is probably one of the most used bingo lingo words around. What it means is that a player is only waiting on one number to win. Bingo users will use this word every single time they are getting close to clinching the game. You will see this word posted into the chat room on numerous occasions. The excitement of waiting on one number to win the game is out of this world. It’s even better if you nail the win!

  • 2tg – Players will use this word when they are waiting on two numbers to win the bingo game. Users will post this into the chat box a lot as they may be very excited as they get closer to winning that all important bingo prize.

  • 3tg – You will see this bingo lingo word being posted several times a day in the chat window. It means that players only require three numbers to win the game. At this point the countdown starts, because bingo player’s use 3tg, 2tg and 1tg all day long! Hoping for that all important win.

  • Gl – When you’re in the chat room, you will often see players post this bingo word, it means that they are wishing everyone good luck. It may also be posted into the chat box at the start of each game too, although it’s normally posted during the game, especially during the 3tg, 2tg, and 1tg countdown.

  • Wtg – Players will use this bingo lingo word, when someone wins at bingo. It will also be used when someone has won a chat game. The word means ‘Way To Go’ and the Wtg abbreviation is used a zillion times each day, as it refers to people winning at bingo.

  • Brb – Online bingo players will use this word when they are leaving their screens as it means ‘Be Right Back’. They may be going to make a cup of tea or checking out another bingo room etc. This word is used regularly, but not as much as more popular abbreviations such like; 1tg, 2tg and 3tg. It means ‘Be Right Back’.

  • Lol – This is a fun word used often in the bingo chat rooms. It means ‘Laugh Out Loud’. Players will use the word, if they are laughing at certain things that are being said in the chat room, or when they are informing the room of a funny story. This word is very popular and is used tons of times on a daily basis both in and out of the bingo room.

  • FYI – Players will only use this word, if they are referring to something. The bingo lingo word simply means ‘For Your Attention’. Players will normally use it if they are referring to something that was said in the chat room, or they think that the chat game winner was wrong.

  • OMG – Bingo members will use this word when they are expressing shock. The word means ‘Oh My God’! Say for example that someone won a huge jackpot prize, and then maybe the players in the chat room or even the lucky winner, would use this word to express their surprise. It can however refer to many things, not just shock. Sometimes players use it to show frustration if they have been stuck on 1tg for a while too.

  • Sys – This word is used a lot, because it means ‘See Ya Soon’ and bingo players will use it when they are leaving the chat room. This abbreviation will be used on a daily basis, and this word lets other players and the chat host know that they are leaving.

Try The Bingo Lingo

If you haven’t used the bingo lingo words above; try them out for size the next time you’re in the chat room. Your fellow bingo buddies will be well impressed, and you will feel completely comfortable using them. Having the bingo lingo knowledge is like having the English dictionary in your hands, because like the dictionary (Which has English Words), online bingo has its world of own words! We call it the ‘Bingo Lingo Dictionary’!

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